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Zoe Langley-Wathen on Wainwright's Coast to Coast

It took fifteen years for Zoe to realise that she had the ability and endurance to solo walk the 630 miles of the UK's longest national trail - the South West Coast Path. She wishes she hadn't waited so long.


That walk should only ever have been a one-off challenge to mark her fortieth birthday, but ten years on, Zoe has many adventures under her belt. She writes, speaks and seeks to encourage other midlife women to build their resilience by heading out of their comfort zone, into the outdoors.

HeadRightOut is at the centre of Zoe's mission to encourage resilience. The podcast will invite midlife women of all backgrounds to share their stories of stretching beyond their normal capabilities and experiencing beneficial HeadRightOut Moments. The episodes are intended to be inspiring for all - not just midlife women.


Wanting to reach her nineties, still as active as possible and still with a burning curiosity, Zoe will be undertaking her own challenges. Recording her own HeadRightOut Moments as she participates in new and 'scary' activities will offer an entertaining and enlightening in-the-moment perspective to these bonus 'challenge episodes'.


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Jan 5, 2022

Only the 10th person in history (the 4th woman and first swimmer from the Czech Republic), Abhejali Bernardová has completed the coveted ‘Oceans Seven’ - a physically gruelling and mentally demanding open-water swim across seven channels around the world. Zoe talks with Abhejali about her more recent challenge; an Extreme Ultra-Triathlon, crossing 1111kms from Dover to Prague.

This conversation is definitely not just about swimming, running and cycling, however, as the deep and powerful methods of self-talk and managing the mind during endurance challenges are shared. With such a positive, thought-provoking and calm approach to this episode, it is an ideal opportunity to consider the condition of your own headspace prior to event preparation.

SHOW LINKS: (Czech website - English site being built)



*Please note error in the introduction - the date of editing the show is 2nd January 2022, not 2021 as stated.

  • Zoe's introduction to the guest - Abhejali Bernardová [01:39]
  • Abhejali's bio: from Czech Republic, 44yrs old, runner, open-water swimmer, extreme ultra-triathlete, member of Sri Chinmoy marathon team. She is the 10th person in history, 4th woman and first swimmer from Czech Republic to complete Oceans Seven. She has completed a 6-day run and is a multiple national champion at 100kms and 24 hours. She was nominated for both 2018 and 2019 world Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year. [02:15]
  • Why 1111kms? [04:33]
  • What is the Oceans Seven? [05:55]
  • Self-transcendence and meditation to assist the mental side of physical challenges. [08.31]
  • A choice of choosing challenge in order to learn more about self. [11:05]
  • Meditation techniques used. [12:17]
  • Dealing with the difficult mind stuff with meditation, mantras and music. [14:20]
  • The Oceans Seven criteria. [17:56]
  • The support crew on boat and land. [19:14]
  • Characterising an ocean - describing its personality. [21:41]
  • Witnessing the bioluminescence. [24:42]
  • About the training and commitment. [25:48]
  • Logistics of organising the Extreme Ultra-Triathlon. [30:17]
  • Funding challenges. [32:10]
  • What's next? [33:03]
  • Abhejali's HeadRightOut Moment. [35:08]
  • How Abhejali's life has been changed. [38:17]
  • Wrapping up the conversation and her book (to come). [40:41]
  • Zoe's reflection on her conversation with Abhejali. [43:56]
  • A HeadRightOut Moment from Iain. [45:12]
  • Gained weight - up to 16st. Lost weight through walking, running and then cycling- specifically, time-trialling.
  • In two years, gained a certificate in the Best British All-Rounder Competition in cycling for averaging 23mph.
  • How this moment has changed Iain's life.
  • Brief introduction to next week's guest - Siobhan Daniels. Motorhome living, retired, positive and pro-aging campaigner.
  • Request for listeners to follow, rate and review HeadRightOut. Ratings can also be left on Spotify now.
  • Thanks, good wishes for 2022 and HeadRightOut Hugs.


Abhejali in 2018

Abhejali in 2014

Abhejali in 2015

Abhejali in 2013 (Peace Run)


Iain before his fitness regime

Iain, two years later, 'time-trialling' on his bike

Iain's Best British All-Rounder certificate